Multi-Tool Stahl, GUK or MB Perf Only 25mm
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İlan Kodu: 477
İlan Sahibi: PressMak Mak. Tic. A.Ş.
İlan Tarihi: 26.08.2017
Stok Durumu: Stokta Var

Multi-Tool Stahl, GUK or MB Perf Only 25mm 10 Reasons Why our Multi-Tool Perfing Puts You Ahead of the Competition... Eliminates outsourcing of perf jobs Eliminates separate micro-perf operations and produces flat, nearly invisible perforations at folding or scoring machine speeds Produces sheets that run through laser printers, copiers and presses Now you can sell jobs you used to turn away Saves thousands of dollars on smashed press blankets No installation required...simply slide onto machine shafts No special operator skills required Instantly frees up your printing press or die cutter for profitable work Puts an end to broken perf blades Compete against stronger, better equipped, more experienced competitors

İlan Detayları
Uyumluluk : Stahl, GUK or MB Perf Only 25mm
Garanti : Evet
Sipariş Kodu : MT-MB
Mil Çapı (mm) : 25mm
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